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The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club is an educational book designed to inspire children to learn about the world. The book shows kids how learning can be fun through its unique blend of fact, fiction, humour and the hilarious adventures of Pete, Fee and Ozzie – children who establish an earth detective club.

Written by a multi-published geography and environmental education teacher, the book is the first in a series that showcases the endless wonder of things to be learned, seen and experienced throughout the world, beginning with the uniqueness of the Australian continent and its animal life. It is illustrated with cartoons and high quality images.


The kids are feeling bored, lonely and miserable when they are forced to move from their happy city life to their granny’s farm, The Pumpkin Patch, near a village with the ridiculous name of Frogsville. Finding their salvation in the world of nature, their adventures and investigations lead to detailed studies of animal tracks and scats, frogs, saltwater crocodiles, mammals, marsupials and monotremes with a focus on kangaroos, platypus, echidnas and fascinating members of the native rats and mice family. Many other interesting and unusual Australian animals are included. Some of the cases the kids take on leave the residents of Frogsville gasping in horror.

As well, the author who is an experienced and active on-the-ground conservationist explores ‘hot global topics’ such as habitat destruction, endangered species, introduced species and conservation.

The Pumpkin Patch Post fact sheets present interesting and unusual facts while Pobblebonk Earth Detective Activities provide investigative activities for children to carry out ranging from Internet research to getting ‘down and dirty’ in their own backyards. These activities aim to develop children’s skills in a variety of ways. Included are references to quality educational websites and books for learning enhancement. Granny’s Breakfast Quiz designed to develop knowledge about world places will test both children and adults!


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